Youth! What are we to do with them?

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There is always a lot in the press about how unskilled, unco-operative, inexperienced and unemployable young people are, but let me ask you this “how fully-formed were you at 16, 18, 20?”

We can blame the education system but the issue is bigger than that and without rambling on with my take on education, society, respect etc. etc. ?The very good ones (i.e. the ‘fully-formed’) shine and will always get on; but unfortunately, us average people get compared to these and we (adult employers – some anyway) expect that level rom all young people. It seems employers are increasingly having to look to efficiencies and profits and perhaps feel they lack the time and resources to take on young people who need to be encouraged and nurtured.

We should all look to what we can do NOW to help young people into employment and look to avoid the warning from The Prince’s Trust that “young people face a lifetime of unemployment”.

Yes we can still lobby government, but what can we do NOW?

  • Take on apprentices. This way you get help (financial and hands-on support) with training and developing the young person into a great employee.
  • Remember when we were young – we lacked confidence, had limited experience, weren’t brilliant communicators, didn’t fully understand ‘being an employee’ as opposed to being a school pupil – give young people a break.
  • Stop using computers to select applicants. Sometimes recruitment needs the human touch – read the CV, meet the person (even for a few minutes as they drop off their application), get a feel for them.
  • Manage staff well -give clear instruction and parameter; praise where praise is due; involve and develop your team; and caution when things aren’t quite right.

There are a lot of young people out there that just need a chance. Be part of the change – show you respect them; agree to train and educate them and you will secure great employees for the future.

If you want to explore how you can do this – give me a call. Karen Kirby 0781 727 8659

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