Mysteries of Performance Management

SMILEY STONEThe hard thing about employing ?people is having to manage them. But the better you manage your team the better the results for your business. There are hundreds of books, articles and information on how to do this – the right management style, how to build a team etc. – and hundreds of coaches, advisers and consultants to help you get it right.?My take on it all is quite simple:

Communicate – frequently & effectively

  • tell team what you expect ? make sure everyone knows the standards, rules and ethos
  • involve team in discussions about things that affect them
  • ask what issues your team members have
  • tell them what issues you might have about them
  • work together to resolve these issues

Plan – take time to think things through

  • what you want to achieve
  • the standards you want things done at/to
  • how you?ll communicate the plan and standards to the team
  • how you?ll deal with team issues (& do deal with them)
  • THINK things through ? and then implement plan
  • DO IT! ? performance issues won?t go away

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