My First Employee

first employee, small businessesTaking on your first employee is truly exciting. It’s worthy of celebration. It means you’ve taken the next step in building a business, you’re growing, your turnover can support more than just you. Once you’ve taken on your first employee, taking on the next ones is so much easier.

However, it can also be scary and daunting. There feels like there is so much employment law and bureaucracy to deal with, but with good HR support the small business owner can ensure they get it right and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

What do you need to consider?
What will the new employee(s) do – write job descriptions. Make sure duties and responsibilities are clear; no overlaps or gaps.
What hours and days do you need them to work? Will it be a full-time or part-time position; temporary or permanent?
How much will you pay? What other rewards might you offer?
How do you want them to behave? What are the ‘rules’ of your business?
What sort of person could do this job?
Your personal management style?

What do you need to do?
Have some sort of selection process – for you and them.
Plan an induction and initial training.
Give them offer paperwork.
Monitor their performance and communicate regularly.

Get it right from the start and things are more likely to work out well.

Call me if you are thinking of taking on your first employee. I can help you find the answers and get your your first employee started.

Karen Kirby 07817 278659

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