HR Support


Human Resources Support


Employing staff can be a bit of a nightmare, but good planning, preparation and implementation of sensible approaches can alleviate many of your concerns. greenshoot will work with you at all stages of the employment journey.

HR support is not just about legal compliance, but about having a flexible approach to find solutions that work for your micro-business.


Getting the right person can be time-consuming and costly. Use greenshoot to help you determine why you need people, write job descriptions and person specifications, carry out the selection process.

Performance Management

Once you have engaged someone it is important to keep them motivated and working to your standards. greenshoot can help you develop the systems, processes and management styles that will help you manage performance – both rewarding good performance and dealing with poor performance.

Coming to an end

Eventually, the inevitable happens and your staff will leave you – resignations, retirements, redundancy, ill-health, dismissal. Handling the end of someone’s employment can be as important as their start. greenshoot can support you at this time.

General HR

There is a whole raft of things that are needed when employing staff – terms and conditions of employment, handbooks, absence management, benefits and rewards etc. Let greenshoot work with you to identify what is needed for your business and support you in implementing.