Feeling stressed is a horrible place to be. If you’ve never felt negative stress you will probably find it hard to empathise with someone who does. The effects of negative stress build over time and result in lethargy, illness, loss of confidence and esteem, changes in behaviour and moods, and loss of motivation. It can make us scared to do anything, let alone try something new. It really is a horrid place to be.

If you’re an employer, you need to be mindful of your team’s stress levels. That’s not to say you should be soft, giving in to requests to take it easy or not challenging time off and poor behaviour; but you do need to manage levels of stress effectively – both morally and legally (H&S Managing Stress).

Employees suffering from stress may be taking time off for a variety of reasons – headaches, stomach complaints, aches & pains, being sick, just can’t face work; or they are present at work but just aren’t performing to standard. Whatever the source of the employee’s stress – work or personal – supporting them overcome the stress not only helps them but improves your business. Healthy, happy people make for a successful business.

I can help business owners and managers find a way to support and manage stressed employees by reviewing the situation, looking at options available to them and determining a plan to move forward.

I don’t do this alone. I work with a number of specialists who can apply their skills in reducing stress of employees (and you – business owner or manager), if that’s what’s needed.,,

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