Karen Kirby

MCIPD – Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Connector – let me introduce you to my wide range of contacts


I started my training amidst the Miners’ Strike and have been supporting people ever since as an HR manager, trainer, teacher, coach and consultant.

The chances are that you will initially contact me to draft or review contracts of employment and handbooks, or because you have an HR problem to be solved, but I offer much more than that


I am ‘there for you’ – to provide advice and options, explore thoughts you have on managing and building your team, support you through HR matters, and even to have a confidential rant (it can be lonely being a business owner).

I’m no gardener but I do know that to stimulate growth, you need to clear the weeds and provide nutrients and support. I believe this applies to working with people too. I may not have a beautiful garden, but I am an excellent ‘people gardener’. Together we can weed out problems to stimulate growth.

I have chosen to operate as a ‘one-man-band’, which means you will always speak to me personally and I get to understand your business and people. But I can’t do it all - to ensure you get the best option for your business, I work with a wide range of associates: trainers, coaches, employment solicitors, mediators and other HR professionals.